A Candidate: Party vs. Experience

Living in a small community does not make us exempt from the national policies of the political parties.  In the upcoming national elections, we will vote Republican or Democrat, Independent or according to the affiliation of our choice.

However, when it comes to choosing officials for local decisions, we should throw political affiliations out of the window.  Decisions made on the local level should be made by those who have their feet firmly planted here in Huerfano County and who are best qualified to do the job. It should be a question of who has the most experience when it comes to issues which matter the most. 

David Tesitor has worked on boards and councils overseeing multi-million dollar budgets.  His experience in working with board members of diverse opinions has prepared him to work well with the elected and appointed officials.

It’s also a question of honesty and integrity. If you have worked with David, you know what he stands for, his value system. Just as he has always worked in his clients’ best interest, he will do what is in the best interest of the people of the county.  Impeccably honest, financially astute, unfailingly dependable. Old fashioned values that never go out of style.

If you have not yet met David Tesitor, he is anxious to meet you and hear your opinions on how we can make Huerfano County the best it can be. He wants to serve you with no special interests, no agenda.  A team player, he is dedicated to resolving issues, listening to and considering the needs of all citizens, working with the organizations in the four communities of Huerfano County, and working with regional, state and federal entities to promote our county in the hopes of bringing in industry, commerce, and funding to meet the needs of our beautiful county.